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Let’s debunk a myth. You do not have to kiss a ton of frogs to get to your prince charming. Who wants to kiss a frog anyway? All too often, women find themselves in toxic relationships. We deal with men who lie, cheat, use, manipulate, and even abuse us at times. We struggle to walk away and if we do leave, we find ourselves back in the relationship hoping he’s changed while settling for less than we deserve. Girl, Move On: A Guide to Successfully Letting Go, will help you slam the door on that toxic relationship for the final time. In this book, you’ll learn:• How to uncover red flags you missed, ignored, or compromised on• How to identify types of men you should avoid• How to discover elements of your life that led you into the arms of a man who doesn’t love you• How to gain freedom• How to heal and never find yourself in a toxic relationship again it's time to stop settling for less. It’s time to move on.

Tamia Mason, a devout Christian and schoolteacher, led a simple life until she met Maurice ‘Moe’ Sanders at her family’s annual block party. Thrust into the excitement of a newfound love, Tamia finds herself making decisions she never thought she would make. As she grapples with the weight of her choices, Moe tries hard to maintain her presence in his life while keeping secrets that later devastate their relationship. From the pressure of responsibilities at church to the freedom found in love, Tamia battles her past as she uncovers lies that ultimately shape her future.

After Moe crashed Tamia’s gender reveal party, her world nosedived into chaos. Desperate to have her dream family, Tamia devises a plan to bring all the important pieces of her life together. When new information surfaces, Tamia realizes she has to shift gears. Will a resurgence of her past help her define her future? Or will Tamia’s quest to make things right cause her world to crumble? Find out in Tamia and Moe: Live, lies, and the church Part II.


"Very few books hold characters that etch their way into my heart and very few books leave me wanting more. Kiana Daniels has mastered that feat with the engaging characters in her series, Tamie and Moe. I highly recommend not only her novels but her self-help book, Girl, Move On, which speaks directly to every woman who has ever been in a toxic relationship. Whether fiction or nonfiction, Author Kiana Daniels has a gift for words that beg to be read, cherished, and read some more. 

Author Olivia Shaw Reel


"Tamia and Moe 1 and 2 are on my top list of amazing fictional reads. These books kept me on my toes. It's a very easy read and very relatable in today's culture. I absolutely can't wait for part 3!"

Gillian Wilson

"She's done it again! The sequel to Tamia and Moe (dare I say it) was better than the first! The book kept me on the edge of my seat and talking back to the characters as if they could hear me all the while, lol! I really hope there is another book in the works because I need to know what happens next. Pick up your copy of Tamia and Moe today. 

Nicole Ward