Kiana Daniels

Kiana Daniels began writing songs, plays, skits, and short stories in her youth. During her attendance at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, she developed her skills and passion for creative writing and completed her first novel.

Kiana graduated with a Bachelor of English at Michigan and later earned her Master of Education at Eastern Michigan University.​Kiana works as an advocate, coach, mentor, and advisor for college students across Metro-Detroit. Using her skills to creatively impact students is important to Kiana. Every day, she strives to push students to their full potential academically while creating safe spaces for students to engage and develop within their identities.

​In 2018, Kiana embarked on a weight loss journey in a quest to lose 100 lbs. To date, Kiana has lost 106 lbs total. She inspires masses sharing her weight loss story on Instagram and Youtube.

As a dating expert, Kiana is the author of Girl, Move On: A Guide for Letting Go. After experiencing a toxic relationship, Kiana was able to create a compelling book full of wisdom leading women down the path of freedom. Kiana is also the author of Tamia and Moe: Love, Lies, and the Church Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Kiana currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with her daughter.